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As all scholars know, in Alamaze chronology the brief tumultuous periods of strife, conquest, and upheaval mark the changing of Ages are called Cycles. However, following the Second Cycle of Steel, Men in their vanity called the present Age, “The New Order of Man”. For five hundred years the races of Man have ruled Alamaze through ideologically distinct kingdoms and the new experimental Republics. All other races were purged from the major cities, and their heirs forced to relinquish their kingdoms in the treaty ending the bloody, destructive Wars of Human Sovereignty. Even the old leading kingdoms of Men, such as the Paladins and the Rangers, were subject to this treatment. For the governors of the New Order of Man ruled that the blood of such people was not as that of the new races of men, and that their warrior history was a danger to the continued peace of the Age.

The Age had been largely peaceful, with but few revolts and skirmishes initiated by the older races. Men centralized their governments in the cities. Most agricultural output had been concentrated in a few regions, fostering high levels of inter-regional trade dependency. Magic was outlawed in all "civilized" areas, and much knowledge of the arcane slipped from the minds of men over the passing centuries. Still, the elder races of Alamaze did not forget such ways. They continued to practice, teach, and learn the ways of magic and mysticism.

As years passed, evil and decadent men emerged to find their way to power in the empire. Recently, much of the few remaining lands of the old races were stolen or spoiled by the incursions of the new human lords in their greed for more gold and slaves. The breaking point in the tolerance of the old races has now been reached. A new awakening of spirit is dawning upon the proud peoples who have until now passed quietly through this human imposed sufferance. New heroes and orators have risen to shake the feelings of their people. A concentration on the arcane has intensified. The time has come to challenge for the rebirth of the old noble kingdoms, and then to expand beyond, to create a new age, a new world of untold glory and fortune. The Second Cycle of Magic is now upon us!

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