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ALAMAZE is a computer moderated correspondence game involving up to fifteen players, set in the fantastic world of Alamaze. Each player assumes the role of guiding spirit (not an in-game character) of a unique people. Each king enjoys certain advantages and must cope with relative weaknesses in his quest to lead his people to dominance over his rival kings. Players must focus attention on a broad range of strategic and tactical considerations. Military might, political power, magic, diplomacy, economic guile and espionage are among the tools of the successful monarch.

Each player has the opportunity to issue a number of commands which may affect any resources under his control. Each player relates his commands to ENLIGHTENED AGE by completing the Turn Input Sheet. The program processes these commands for all players following the sequence of events listed elsewhere in the Rules of Play. The results of his actions are related to the player via the Status Update. The Status Update also informs the player of the status of all resources under his control and other relevant information concerning the current campaign situation. The game continues until one player, team, or Epic side achieves victory.

ALAMAZE portrays a detailed, absorbing heroic fantasy situation which presents players with dozens of varied situations, calling for many varieties of skillful play. The more tools available and the more elaborate the setting, the better the opportunity for ingenious, challenging play. Such an approach calls for many rules, in order to treat all the interesting, relevant factors which would concern a ruler in the world of Alamaze. We think you will agree the time spent learning is well rewarded.

The rules are divided into several sections. These General Rules of Play explains the major elements of play and the rules which relate to them, and provides keys to the interrelationships of these elements. The Commands explains each order in explicit detail, including information on how to complete the Turn Input Sheet for each. The Charts provide some quick reference materials for players.