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Your PBM Gaming Headquarters!

Your PBM Gaming Headquarters!
PlayByMail.Net is a PBM oriented website, whose aim is to promote play by mail gaming, and to give PBM gamers a place to gather. This site seeks to facilitate PBM gaming by serving as a major modern resource for play by mail gaming. From this website has evolved the PBM Wiki, the PBM blog, the original Suspense & Decision magazine (a PBM magazine for the 21st Century), PBM Unearthed (a PBM newsletter), and PBM Chaos (a PBM e-mail mailing).
What is PBM gaming?

PBM gaming is a form of turn-based gaming. Other forms of turn-based gaming include many card games, video games, and computer games.

Basically, play by mail gaming involves two things:

       (1) Players send turn orders in for processing.

       (2) Players receive turn results back, after their turn orders have been processed.
Tell me more about PBM

PBM is an acronym, one that stands for Play By Mail. It is a reference to a genre of gaming that originally was - and still is - played through the postal system, which, in the United States of America, is the United States Postal Service. Changes and advances in technology have expanded the options for making PBM games playable by the public. Today, many PBM games are played by e-mail (PBeM), Web interfaces, or by way of client software that you download from an online website.

Whether one says PBM, PBM games, PBM gaming, play by mail, play-by-mail, postal games, postal gaming, correspondence games, or correspondence gaming, they are all variations on the exact, same thing. If you enjoy other forms of turn-based games, then PBM gaming might be right up your alley.