The Early Strategic Objective

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Each kingdom has an "Early Strategic Objective", which is given on the kingdom setup sheets. The first time a kingdom is eligible for the benefits which accrue with accomplishing this objective is at the end of Turn 10. Those kingdoms which did not achieve their objective on Turn 10 will have a final opportunity at the end of Turn 15. The nature of the objective, as well as the benefits which accrue are different for each kingdom. Like individual victory conditions, some are easier to achieve than are others. Players should view the E.S.O. as a worthwhile goal, but should in no way be demoralized if they cannot achieve it. Most items that will be received will be placed at the capitol; if there are items that belong with a group they will be placed with the kingdom's first group; there must be slots available for any figures (leaders/wizards) and/or troops or these items will be lost.