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Players may trade gold for food, artifacts, or hostages.

The players themselves determine the terms of their trade through prior communications. When they wish to consummate their trade, each must submit the appropriate order on his Turn Input Sheet, indicating the terms.

There are two types of trading: bilateral and unilateral.

A bilateral trade will be successfully completed if:

  • 1. Each kingdom submits the proper trade order,
  • 2. Each indicates terms compatible with the other's trade order,
  • 3. Each has in their position at that moment the quantity of the resource they are offering to trade.

Most kingdoms will find they can benefit significantly by finding a reliable partner in commerce.

A unilateral trade requires only that the king who is "gifting" either food and/or gold has the quantity he indicates on his Turn Input Sheet on hand at the moment trade orders are executed. The amounts indicated will then automatically accrue to the beneficiary, and be deducted from the ordering king's available quantity. Unilateral trades are frequently made to "repay a favor", to influence High Council members, or as extortion payments to blackmailers.