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Victory can be achieved in any of the following ways:

The Rex. Any player will win the campaign if at the conclusion of any game turn he controls any five regions of Alamaze. This is referred to as the Standard Victory Condition. A Victory Check order is required by the player to queue the program to check for victory.

Secret Victory. Each kingdom in a non-Epic game has a secret victory condition that may change from game to game for any given kingdom. A player will achieve victory if at the conclusion of any game turn he fulfills the requirements of his secret victory condition, and he claims the victory by ordering a Victory Check. Each kingdom is assigned an individual victory condition at the game's beginning. The requirements of this victory condition are known (at least initially) only to the player controlling that kingdom. Frequently, these individual victory conditions require the player to control some reduced number of regions in addition to fulfilling some other particular goals of specific importance to that kingdom.

Team Victory. In some games of ALAMAZE, there are provisions for team victories. A team consists of three kingdoms, matched at the campaign's outset. A team victory is accomplished when all active members of the team request a Team Victory Check in a turn in which between them the active Kings control seven regions of Alamaze. Some games will provide an Epic victory to reward good intra-team play between the Neutral, Good and Evil sides. In the 2nd Cycle Epic game (6 vs. 6) there is an Epic victory.

The Lion’s Share. In any game in which no player, team, or epic side has achieved the victory conditions by the end of turn 40, the campaign's winner will be the player, or epic side with the greatest Status Point accumulation.

Survival of the Fittest. The Five Player Rule takes affect when a campaign is down to five active kingdoms. When this rule is enacted you will be notified that your game will end in two turns. You will receive results for the turn stated.

Any VICTORY check that is unsuccessful will be announced to all kingdoms within the game. Any kingdom that fails it's Victory check will suffer a .5 reduction in Influence.