Standing Orders

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Players are able to issue certain orders in such a way that the order will be automatically repeated each turn until canceled by the player. These are referred to as "standing orders". Standing orders do not count against the order limitation imposed by the level of the king's influence.

Each king may issue three standing orders (in 2nd Cycle four). In addition, a player may issue an additional two (in 2nd Cycle three) standing orders for each region he controls. Thus a player in control of two regions could issue up to seven (ten in 2nd Cycle) standing orders. When regional control is lost, the appropriate number of standing orders will be removed by the program the following turn.

It is important a player remember which standing orders have been given, and that any emissary and resources involved in that order will be occupied by the standing order until it is canceled. The act of canceling a standing order is a separate order from initiating standing orders, so thought should be given as to how standing orders will be issued.

The initiating or terminating of a standing order does count as an order under the king's influence limitation, takes effect immediately, as do all new orders.