Encounters and Intelligence

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The Status Update will inform players of many kinds of encounters and spottings; it is of course possible that special circumstances such as ambushing or invisibility will reduce and/or eliminate this information:

Groups will report the location and type of population centers they passed during movement. In their destination area, groups will report the presence of a population center, groups, and any unusual sightings.

Population Centers will report the presence of groups in their area. However, very large kingdoms (those with more than fifteen population centers) may not receive information regarding group sightings from some of the smaller population centers under their control.

Agents on reconnaissance provide the most detailed information on group, population center, or unusual sightings. In addition, they will report the presence of emissaries (if any) in population centers.

Regional Intelligence is a means whereby a king learns through peasants in his lands of the passing of military groups. Players in control of a region will learn of the presence of all groups in the region of division size or larger. Players with substantial influence in a region will learn of army size or greater groups in that region. In regions where a player has established significant influence he will learn only if there is a force of army group size present.