Status Points

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Status Points represent a bench mark to the player of his successes during various points in the campaign. At the end of every six turns and at the campaign's conclusion, the program will award the appropriate status points to each player based on the existing campaign situation. 20% of the status points earned at a status update are permanent,(Second Cycle status points are accrued at 30%) as are 100% of those awarded at the campaign's conclusion.

Status Points are awarded for more than 20 different criteria. They are detailed in the Charts section. Of course, the greatest award is for victory. For interim awards, controlling regions and having substantial control are valuable conditions. Controlling artifacts, being on the High Council, and casting an assortment of high level spells each award status points.

Magic is an important aspect of the ALAMAZE world and thus the points awarded for various spells above reflect the impact of this magic upon the contest. These are "bonus" points and will be given in total (not based upon a percentage) with the next Status Point Update.