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Included on each kingdom's setup information sheets is a reinforcement schedule. The quantity and timing of reinforcements varies from kingdom to kingdom. Reinforcements are brigades bearing the kingdom name. For example, the Westmen reinforcements are brigades of Westmen. Typically, reinforcements arrive no more frequently than once in five turns, and often less frequently. There is no resource cost for receiving reinforcements, unlike recruiting troops. However, a group (or inactive group) must be at your capitol at the beginning of a Reinforcement turn (possibly turns #5, 10, 15, 20, and/or 25) in order to receive those scheduled reinforcements. They will join the lowest numbered group and must be fed and paid. If no group is in the kingdom's capitol on the turn reinforcements are scheduled to arrive, the reinforcements are lost. An inactive group is capable of receiving the reinforcements, and will if it is the lowest number. If more than one group is in the area of the capitol, the reinforcements will be added to the lowest numbered group (EX: 1WE). A kingdom must have enough ships in a sea to support existing groups and to receive reinforcements. EXAMPLE: If a kingdom has one ship in a sea with an active group (patrol or a brigade) an additional ship will be required to receive reinforcements even if the reinforcements will go into an inactive group.