The King's Influence

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Each king carries a certain level of influence, relative to the other active kings. This influence level will rise and fall during the course of the campaign, due to an assortment of factors. The king's influence ranges from a minimum of eight to a maximum of twenty-five.

The king/queen/regent influence level determines the maximum number of commands the player is able to issue per turn. For instance, if a king/queen/regent's influence is at 15 at the end of a turn, the controlling player may issue up to 15 new orders on his next Turn Input Sheet. Any orders beyond the first fifteen written will be ignored by the program. (In Second Cycle all kings/queens/regents' will have the ability to issue 2 orders in excess of their influence, rounding down. For example, if your influence was 12.8, the player could issue 14 orders.

The king/queen/regent may undertake certain activities which will increase (or lower) their influence, and some campaign results will also affect the influence level. For example, when a king gains control of a region, or assumes a position in the High Council his influence increases by one level. Likewise, if he loses a region or his position on the High Council his influence decreases by one. If a kingdom's capitol is lost, the king will suffer a loss of one level of influence. (In Second Cycle changes in influence will affect a king's natural enemy adversely approximately 30%).

The influence level is also of major significance in determining the success of a king's political emissary missions because the emissary's power, and so his chance of success, is based on his king's influence.

The king/queen/regent's influence will never be less than eight. There are certain activities, like selling influence and bestowing title, that not be allowed if that action would result in lowering a King's influence below eight.

Should a King/Queen/Regent be captured or die a royal successor will immediately be named. A possible major result of this is the change to the kingdom's influence. Thus, should this change happen due to actions prior to the 300 series of orders any emissary actions (310, 320, 330) will use the "new" influence of the kingdom's ruler.