PBM Unearthed – Issue #11 has published!

Issue #11 of the PBM newsletter PBM Unearthed has published right on time, and I was tired well before I finished fiddling with it.

I think that, all things considered, it’s a pretty nice issues. I publish this thing using Canva, and I like to think that I’ve gotten a little bit better at it, ever since I first started using Canva.

Currently, I’m using the free version of Canva, but I really like it, and I suspect that at some point in the coming weeks, I will upgrade to the paid version of Canva. Yes, I like it that much! Canva is a great tool for doing stuff like this. It’s great for creating a whole lot of different things. In past years, I tried Canva (several different times, in fact), but it really has come a long way since it was first placed online.

I didn’t use Canva when I first started publishing PBM Unearthed, but several issues in, I made the switch, after giving Canva another try.

Hopefully, you will enjoy Issue #11 of PBM Unearthed. Happy reading!

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