The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Join the London en Garde! Yahoo Group


by Charles Mosteller


I decided, this morning, that I would try to join the Yahoo group for London en Garde! Oh, what a simple undertaking.

Wrong! The problem, of course, lies with Yahoo, and not with that particular group on Yahoo. Being on a slow dial-up account to access the Internet with only exacerbates the problem.

Yahoo likes to create a primary e-mail address for people who sign up for their discussion groups, and they like for it to be a Yahoo e-mail address. Except, I have no intention of using the new e-mail address in question.

I go into the account settings to change it, and Yahoo further complicates things by requiring that I verify my alternate e-mail address that I listed, when I signed up, before I can make the change to use my alternate e-mail address as the contact address. Clicking the Verify Now button does nothing.

Of course. Much time wasted trying to sort through Yahoo’s self-inflicted headache. I only wanted to check that discussion group out. They have it set up to not display messages in that group to non-members of the group. That’s not a Yahoo issue. That’s a group issue.

And people wonder why more people don’t play their favored game of choice.

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