Inter-Galactic Manhunt: Tracking Down Those Who Stole The Secret Of Play By Mail


by Charles Mosteller


08-06-2010, 02:53 AM

Through out the eons, the Masters of Shadow have been involved in many of the great espionage actions through out the galaxy. From the theft of the Reality Sphere from the ultra guarded Maze of Madness of the Tar-EE-Srang to the assassination of the High Sorceror of the Vor’Koon during the Psi Wars, the claws of the Krulang-Krang have been suspected in many of the greatest covert operations through out the history of the galaxy.

– Excerpt from a Galactic Data Base Reference entry from the Play-By-Mail game Galaxy: Alpha

Across the dimensions of time and space, the icons of PBM’s halcyon days have scattered to the wind – dispersing themselves in an attempt to hide the dark and arcane mysteries of Play-By-Mail from those who would come after them.

With them, they ferried something called “The Secret.” It is that which we seek, and it is that which we shall have.

One of the greatest culprits of this bygone era is a figure so notorious, so nefarious, so utterly influential, that his name is only spoken now in hushed whispers in dark corners. I am referring, of course, to that towering behemoth of PBM infamy, that galactic sultan of PBM finesse, and that arch-lord of the PBM universe – Gary Smith.

Yes, that Gary Smith. The Gary Smith of Andon Games. The very same Gary Smith of AndCon. He’s changed his appearance. He’s changed his wardrobe. He’s even changed his age. But, nonetheless, it was to no avail.

For he has been discovered!

He shall be interrogated.

He will divulge much.

Of this, we are certain.

He has already stirred in your midst. He has already visited the site, here. Were you able to detect his presence? Were you aware that he lurked right under your nose? Were you ready when the moment came?

If not, then you are are deemed unworthy.

All that you can do at this point is to gird yourself for renewal. You must renew your sense of PBM purpose, and you must not let down your guard, again. To do so will incur great cost, enormous sacrifice. Eternal vigilance must be your creed.

When at last we captured him, all that he could say was, “I’ve reviewed your website and have to thank you for the blast of pleasant memories that even thinking about PBM provided me.”

Pleasant memories, indeed! We shall soon see just exactly how pleasant that Mr. Smith finds the interrogation to be.

And if Gary Smith can’t hide forever, then what hope do the rest of them really have of evading us in perpetuity?

08-06-2010, 04:15 AM

Come on Gary!
You can tell a bit more about the past!
What happened to AndCon?

And what happened to Family Wars? Always wanted to play that game, but I was to busy playing Super Vorcon Wars and Knights of Avalon at that time.
Both games had Paul Hartman as GM, with his company the Pbm Express.

You did run Family Wars did you?

08-06-2010, 05:52 AM

Relax, Walt. I think that you’ll be hearing more from Gary in the very near future.

Heel, Walter. Heel!

08-06-2010, 06:26 PM

Blush I am to curious I guess!!Angel

09-13-2010, 07:14 AM

PBM icon Phil Chenevert, overseer of Louisiana’s bayou of PBM gaming and regular contributor to Paper Mayhem magazine, is unable to hide any longer. PlayByMail.Net has tracked him down in one of his countless lairs scattered across bayou country, and I fully intend to gore him through with an interview.

Already, he has consented to an interview, and there will likely be much that is PBM related to drag out of him. Interview questions should be sent out over the next day or two.

It is doubtful that he expected us to confront him so suddenly and without warning.

Let this be a lesson to all of the PBMinati. We’re coming for you!

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