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Dragon Magazine
Issue #131
"Alamaze is a treat. Speaking as a game designer, it's one of the finest designs I've seen. I like it and recommend it to experienced gamers."

White Wolf Magazine
Issue #11
"Alamaze is possibly the finest play by mail game in existence. It is certainly the most innovative design since the first PBM game emerged... It should be tried by anyone who considers himself a real gamer."

Paper Mayhem Magazine
Issue #19
"Alamaze has all the strategy, intrigue, fear and paranoia that makes a great game. It's a great value."

Flagship Magazine
Issue #11
"Alamaze is one of the finest PBM games on the market, today. It is fast paced and exciting. It is full of all the action, intrigue and role-playing any player could ask for."

Paper Mayhem Magazine
Issue #28
"Among the many innovations in Alamaze is the truly fantastic magic system, unequaled anywhere in PBM. Not only does the magic system fit in with the entire game system hand-in-hand, it also shows the depth and massive amounts of designing and programming time spent lavishly in this game."


ALAMAZE is the strategic fantasy war game that won Game of the Year at both Origins and Gen-Con. It features a host of game play features not found elsewhere including its ground breaking political model, surpassing magical system with more than 60 spells, and plenty of intrigue. It’s a multi-player (Alamaze Classic is 15 players), turn-based strategy game where players usually have several days to plan their commands in the PBEM tradition. Reflexes mean nothing: Alamaze is a thinking man’s text-based strategy game for discriminating fantasy purists.

The Kingdoms Cycles of Alamaze Rulebook The Alamaze Oracle Newbie Section

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