The Alamaze Oracle

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The Alamaze Oracle is a newsletter of player contributions, company news, strategy, news and stories.

We actively solicit articles and artwork for the Oracle at all times. Write!

   Oracle XX
       Time--- Philip McDowell
       Logistics--- Philip McDowell
       Gnomercy--- Chuck McEwen
       Live or Let Die--- Philip McDowell
       How Important are my Groups's Defensive Abilities?--- Philip McDowell
       What about agents?--- Philip McDowell
       Epic Game, a Myriad of Choices and Fun--- Paul Zimmer 
   Oracle XIX
       Dispelling Wizards--- J. E. Sampson
       The Power of Flight--- Martin Burlingame
       Thoughts on Natural Enemies in Alamaze--- Rick Ghan
       Alamaze Inertia--- Chris Kessel
       Black Company Journal--- Dave Thomas 
   Oracle XVIII
       An Ancient View--- Philip McDowell
       Epic Games: Return to the Individual--- Chris Fitzgerald
       Some Thoughts on Epic and Team Games--- Philip McDowell
       Me Troll King--- Chris Fitzgerald
       News From the Front 
   Oracle XVII
       Company News
       Barbarian Strategies in the First Cycle of Magic--- Louis Torlidas
       I Coulda Been a Weatherman --- Russ McDowell
       The Curse of Peace--- John Moe
       In Praise of Peace--The Diary of a Sorcerer King--- Matt Evans
       A Reign of Anarchy--- Rick Reed
       A Sad and All Too Common Tale--- Philip McDowell
       Some Thoughts on Epic and Team Games--- Philip McDowell
       News From the Front
       The Eye of The Oracle 
   Oracle XVI
       The Eye of the Oracle
       New Ways to Play Alamaze--- Andy Brogan
       Can the Demon Prince Eat the Ancient One? --- Marshall Brady
       Strategy for the Little People in the First Cycle of Magic--- Chris Fitzgerald
       Fall from Glory--- Craig Brown
       Why Not Do It Differently?--- Marshall Brady
       There's a Lesson Here!
       A People's Legacy--- Tommy Kelly
       The Winter War--- Don VanTassel II
       Influence Peddlers
       Company News
       News From the Front 
   Oracle XV
       Eye of the Oracle
       Company News
       Enlightening the Dark Mage--- Nick Cody
       Two Eyes, an Arm, and a Leg for an Eye --- Mike Mulka
       A Maiden's Will--- Don Tassel II
       PBM Design in the 90's--- Rick McDowell
       Battle and Alamaze--- Kevin C. Youells
       News From the Front 
   Oracle XIV
       Eye of the Oracle
       The Word of the Maker
       Alamaze and the Art of War--- Rick McDowell
       Responding to Unusual Encounters --- Rick McDowell
       Urik Strategy--- Rick McDowell
       Battle Tactics--- Rick McDowell
       Developing a Strategic Approach to the Second Cycle of Magic--- Rick McDowell
       Rambling Notes from Semi-Novice Player--- Mike Baker
       How to Play the Underworld--- Mike Tobin
       Letters to the Editor
       News From the Front
       Company News 
   Oracle XIII
       Eye of the Oracle--- Russ McDowell
       Company News--- Phil McDowell
       Ten Tips and Tactics--- Joey Browning
       Sandarch --- Chris Fitzgerald
       Justice--- Darrel F. Morgan, II
       Tips, Tricks, and Odds and Ends--- David Kuykendall
       Time of Decision--- Ed Pinkerton
       Fifteen Who Would Rule Alamaze, Part III--- Rick McDowell
       News From the Front
       Letters to the Editor
       Reader Response
   Oracle XII
       Eye of the Oracle--- Russ McDowell
       Intelligence in Alamaze--- Joey Browning
       Might vs. Magic --- Craig Brown
       The Tally--- James Cianci
       Strategic Advice--- Theron Martin
       Beginning Gnome--- Patrick Vanbeek
       Standing Orders--- David Kuykendall
       Ranger Strategy and Guerrilla Warfare--- John LaTemple
       Letters to the Editor
       Company News
       What's Next for Pegasus Productions?--- Rick McDowell
       News From the Front
       Oracle Reviews 
   Oracle XI
       Eye of the Oracle--- Russ Mcdowell
       Company News
       Exploring the Unknown, Part II --- David Kuydendall
       The Way of Battle--- Mickey Graham
       The Dragons--- Damian Straron
       Three Kings and the Goliath--- Blake Eskridge & David Kuykendall
       Beginning Witchlord--- Richard Maffei
       Who Should Win, Part II--- Phil McDowell
       Fifteen Who Would Rule Alamaze, Part II--- Rick Mcdowell
       Letters to the Editor
       News From the Front 
   Oracle X
       Eye of the Oracle
       Company News
       Can Money Buy Happiness? --- James Thornton
       The Not-So-Ultimate Weapon--- John Moe
       The First Turn--- Damain Staron
       Letters to the Editor
       Alamaze Rap--- Ralph Stevens
       Is This Kingdom for Me?--- Phil McDowell
       From the Halls of the Dark Lord--- Marc Rie
       Desert Survival--- David Kuykendall
       Who Should Win?--- Phil McDowell
       Designer Notes, Second Cycle--- Rick McDowell
       News From the Front
       Crystal Ball--Reviews 
   Oracle IX
       Eye of the Oracle--- Russ McDowell
       Halfling Strategy--- Richard Gilson
       Welcoming Commitee
       Fall From Glory--- Chris Fitzgerald
       Beginning Nomad--- Dan Leonard
       Ultimate Weapon--- David Kuykendall
       Reader Response
       News from the Front 
   Oracle VIII
       Eye of the Oracle
       Notes from Pegasus Productions
       Reader Feedback
       Wizards and War--- Blake Eskridge & David Kuykendall
       Tiritan--- James Bohrer
       Diplomatic Niceties--- Michael Johnson
       Ecology of the Swampmen
       Twelve Tips and Tricks--- Ken Young
       Wisdom of a Wizard--- Philip McDowell
       Exploring the Unknown--- David Kuykendall & Blake Eskridge
       Our Long Lost Brothers--- Daniel Moch
       The Dark Council--- Nick Cody
       Rite of Passage--- Matthew Search
       Developing Strategy--- Rick McDowell
       Just Do It--- Russ McDowell
       What Makes You Tick--- Dr. Gerry Skeffington
       High Council
       News from the Front 
   Oracle VII
       Eye of the Oracle--- Russ McDowell
       Company News
       Urik Strategy--- Alan Sheridan
       The Story of a King--- Phil McDowell
       More on the Underworld--- Tom Saal
       Underworld II: The Second Cycle--- Bill Flad
       Alamaze Outdoes Itself
       The Underdog--- Andy Brogan
       The Art of Deception--- Michael Johnson
       Tricks of the Trade--- Blake Eskridge
       A Complaint?--- Dan D'Amico
       Blitzzz--- Eric Reuss
       The Brotherhood--- Russ McDowell
       A New Dawn for Roland--- Brian H. Davison
       The Successful Sorcerer--- Matthew Reavy
       News from the Front
       High Council
       Reader Feedback 
   Oracle VI
       Company News
       Magely Musings on the Second Cycle--- Phil McDowell
       First Thoughts on the Second Cycle--- Phil Cooper
       An Overview of the New--- Russell McDowell
       Secrets of the Ancient Ones--- Michael Gray
       Predictions & Prognostications--Second Cycle--- Chris Milliken
       Gamemaster's Observations of the Second Cycle after turn 3
       Gamemaster Update of the Second Cycle Turn 6 Observations
       Second Cycle of Magic Survey Results
       Beach Patrol--- Glen L. Mitchell
       Dwarven Strategy--- Phil McDowell
       Power for the Politicians--- Victor Patterson
       Perspectives on Strategy
       Battle Tactics--- Rick McDowell
       The Journal of King Agodeshalf
       Ten Conmmandments for the Warlock Kingdom--- Dan Reynolds
       News From the Front
       Questions & Answers
       High Council
       Reader Feedback on Oracle V
       Game Statistics 
   Oracle V
   Oracle IV
   Oracle III
   Oracle II
   Oracle I