Imperial Swarm

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Imperial Swarm

The Sh'Kar were created by the extra-dimensional race known to the Galaxy as the Yr'Larn (whom the Sh'Kar refer to as the 'Old Masters'). The Yr'Larn fled to this dimension to escape an entity known then only as the enemy (this being was later learned to have been the DarkOne, Soulripper). A faction of the Yr'Larn had fled to this Galaxy much earlier and evolved into the current Realm of Stars. Upon reaching this dimension, the Yr'Larn set about the task of rebuilding their mighty star Empire. It was during the conflict that was to be known as the Demon Wars that the Sh'Kar were created. The Sh'Kar are a race of cyber-insectoids who were created for the sole purpose of waging warfare against the enemies of the Yr'Larn. In the massive wars against the Vor'Koon (Empire of Everlasting Darkness), many classes of Sh'Kar were developed to defeat the horrible sorcery based weapons of the Vor'Koon. Many of these classes have never been seen again in the Galaxy, but Shiral has informed us that they still remain, locked in massive stasis vaults, ready to fight should the Vor'Koon or any other sorcery race rise again.

The Sh'Kar first appeared on the current Galactic scene in the cycles after the Last War. It would appear that when the Penta Ring was brought to the Hell Gate by the mad Xythron Emperor, the DarkOne awoke slightly from his enforced eternal sleep, and attempted to smash his way to freedom. So violent were the forces released that Reality, itself, buckled and massive waves of spacetime surged out from the point of conflict. The Que'Lin were finally able to force the DarkOne back into his eternal sleep, but the amage had already been done. The passage of these waves causd untold damage, before they faded once more into the background. Passing a cloaked star system, they shattered the bio-crystal matrix that powered the stasis fields around the Sh'Kar's Citadel, where they had been sealed by their fomer masters/creators, the Yr'Larn, when they fled this dimension at the start of the intrusion. The Sh'Kar emerged from their eons of stasis to find once minor Empires now ancient Galactic powers. One of their first contacts was with one of the Realm of Stars' reserach/trading fleets. Even with the passage of eons, the Sh'Kar could still see the Old Masters in the Tissnor. Soon after their first formal contact, the Sh'Kar entered into the service of the Realm of Stars as highly valued allies.

The Sh'Kar are the ultimate form of hive mind, which is led by the quasi-deity queen known as Shiral. The internal structure of the Sh'Kar is a strict caste system, and Shiral has hinted that there are hundreds of thousands of different forms of Sh'Kar. The three best known forms are: Shiral, the Queen, who wields absolute authority and power within the Imperial Swarm and who holds the troops' fanatic devotion. The Prince is the consort of the Queen. There are many Princes, and each is unmatched as tactical commanders. The last form is the dreaded Enforcer. These heavily armed and armored flying troopers strike fear into all that look at them, for they have no fear and always arrive in vast numbers. Reports and observation of Sh'Kar contract execution has seen them literally block out the sky witha dark ominous cloud.

The Home World of the Sh'Kar is known as the Citadel. It is a facsimile of the ancient Home World of the Yr'Larn in every detail, especially in defenses. Many sections of the Citadel remained unexplored by the Sh'Kar and our own investigation teams, lacking the proper access codes hidden somewhere in the massive computer system.

Currently, Shiral is involved in many aspects of the Galactic political and power structures, both overtly and covertly. Due to their history of service to the Realm, and the honor of their Queen, the Imperial Swarm is not currently rated as a risk to the Realm of Stars.