Empire of Ice

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The Kar-Nak of the Empire of Ice are a strange race of crystalline beings who have existed since before the Cyber-Life War. The Kar-Nak have taken part in all of the major wars that have swept the Galaxy over the last ten million cycles (Cyber-Life War, Demon Wars, Transdimensional War, and the Last War). The Empire of Ice is ruled by a central collective being known as the Matrix:Prime. While not as fractional as the Xythron, Realm of Darkness, Kar-Nak internal politics are still highly complex, and power shifts are never bloodless. As one of the original founders of the Council of Chaos, the Kar-Nak have disagreed with the Xythron over the Realm of Darkness' attempt to dissolve the Council of Chaos. At this time, the Kar-Nak are the main leaders of the Council and are moving to replace the allies of the Xythron in key sub council positions. In recent cycles, the Military Faction has gained control (by elimination of all who opposed them...) of the Matrix:Prime and the current policies of the Empire seem directed at returning the Empire to its position of fear and respect, that was somewhat lost under the confused policies of the earlier internalist faction (all known members of which have been 'retired'...) The current Matrix:Prime is seen to be at least semi-rational, but which grand visions of Galaxy wide conquest. Many rumors concerning the Empire's covert activities have circulated around the Galactic halls of power over the last few cycles, and our spies speak of a gigantic build up in both their Starfleet command as well as their Ground Force Legions. Perhaps the Kar-Nak are once more ready to set out upon yet another program of conquest, such as was seen before the rise to power of the internalist faction. While the current friction between the Kar-Nak and the Xythron may lead to more covert actions against each other, both great Empires realize that for the present, at least, they must stand together, or the forces of the Galactic Patrol will surely smash their dreams of Galactic Conquest. Due to their past actions and the current shift towards a more militant stance, the Empire of Ice must be considered Beta class security risk to the Realm of Stars.