Hyborian War

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Hyborian War

Hyborian War wall map showing land provinces, coastal provinces, and sea zones.

HYBORlAN WAR is a Play-By-Mail game of battle, intrigue, and diplomacy set in the unmatchable Hyborian Age of Conan. You will rule one of over 30 different Kingdoms re-created from the Conan legend. Each land is unique with its own armies, leaders, trade, culture and imperial ambitions (see pages 2-4). You will command Nobles, Generals, Wizards, Heroes, Spies and Priests who in turn will govern provinces, lead armies, cast magics, set forth to high adventures, spy far off lands, and call upon the gods as you decree. Raids, invasions, assassinations, diplomatic delegations, intrigue, treaties, counter-spying, prophecy, and much, much more will be the tools you will use to rule and advance your chosen realm.

Copyright information

  • HYBORlAN WAR™ is owned and operated by Reality Simulations, Inc..
  • ©1985, 2006 Reality Simulations, Inc.

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