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Out Time Days is a Play-By-Mail game of life on a strange world. Emphasizing roleplaying and inter-player communication, OTD is a game for those who like to join with other players around the world in figuring out puzzles, creating working economies, exploring large sections of worlds, undertaking or tracking criminal activities, or fielding capable armies. Th worlds explored are living, vibrant locales that will change through your character's actions.

With the ability to journey in many eras (you'll start in a medieval-like location), you'll enjoy adapting to new sets of abilities and restraints, or you can focus on a single place and become well established. OTD is a combination Science Fiction-Fantasy game. It is 99% computer moderated to ensure fairness, and 1% GM moderated to allow for creativity. A maximum of 1 turn per week is allowed. Cost per turn is $5.00. The game is open-ended, with each new character playing a vital role.

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