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Starforce Battles
Starforce Battles was a play by mail game that I designed and moderated many years ago. Below is one example turn from the game, after I resurrected it years later to run it via e-mail. I managed to come across it still lying on my computer, all these many years later. I edited out the player's e-mail address, but otherwise, the turn is intact. I think that I probably reprinted it to disk, well after the fact, while experimenting with the software for a possible new resurrection. Otherwise, I would likely have numerous players' turn results just lying around.

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.txt   StarforceBattlesExampleTurnResults.txt (Size: 38.56 KB / Downloads: 13)
Looking over the example turn results attached, above, I think what this was myself experimenting with some possible changes to the game, for a new attempt at running the game, but using a turn from Clay's results to give me a readout, in order to see how a turn might look with those changes incorporated. I don't recall trade routes actually being in the version of the game, when Clay was playing it. Either that, or I simply don't recall it, yet they were a part of it.

Also, one portion mentions quadrants, and another mentions stars. I think that's because I was planning on changing from quadrants to stars. Either that, or I missed making a needed change from the original running of the game.

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