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Austerlitz: The Rise of the EagleThe Premier Napoleonic Play-By-eMail Wargame
Imagine the year 1808 at the height of the Napoleonic Era. You are the leader of one of the predominate countries of the period, each unique in its blend of troop types, navy, colonial position, population, natural resources and economy.

What path to imperial glory will you choose? Will you seek peace so that you may quietly expand your economy and develop colonial territories? Or will you organize an offensive alliance to crush and annex an unsuspecting neighbor, instead of licking the boots of your enemies?

Austerlitz: The Rise of the Eagle is a complex historical simulation that will allow you to manage a nation set in the Napoleonic Era. The goals and decisions you make for your country are almost always influenced or dictated by the actions of the other 15 players. Using a detailed economic and trading system, during the course of the game players will compete for economic resources and expansion. Eventually this leads to military conflict, where large battles are resolved by detailed Simulated Battles in which the unique battlefield qualities of artillery, riflemen, pioneers, and cuirassiers are manifest and your genius is put to the test.


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