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Quest of the Great Jewels [Flying Dutchman Games]
This is the entry for Quest of the Great Jewels, a play by mail game from Flying Dutchman Games.
I was thinking that the game had three races, not four, as the posting in this link states.

Apparently, the domain name QuestForTheGreatJewels.Com expired on March 1st, 2011. A mystery is brewing here. Did Rich Van Ollefen intend, previously, to bring his former PBM game out of retirement?
I spoke to a guy who was trying to bring back the game.

You can read it yourself:

I think Jeffrey McKee never finished the game though. I lost contact in 2006 or somewhere in 2007.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Jeffrey McKee? I googled an apparently defunct email address for him: -- When I sent mail to that, it bounced back to me within minutes. The reason I ask is that I've been working on resurrecting/reverse-engineering the game as a PBW from said photocopy of the rules that I own, although with a science fiction spin (that's just how I roll). If I could get buy-in from the current owner of the IP that would be terrific. If not, I guess I will just plod along.[[/quote]

Nope. I contacted him a LONG time ago. Sorry but I dont have his email adress anymore.
Why dont you contact Rich van Ollefen on this website? He used to run Quest OF the Great Jewels. You can contact him on this website.
Look at his webpage:

Keep us posted!
I've talked to aloysis/chris about his plans to resurrect the game - I suspect there is no "owner" at present to worry about.

I have a lot of rulebooks in the basement somewhere, and there is a 50-50 chance I could come up with a copy of the C code.
Apparently, the rights to the game are currently owned by Bob McLain. Bob provided me some details, but I am trying to persuade him to post on the subject here, himself. He's read this thread. I was trying to get him to join us on the site here, for PBM discussions, which in turn led him to finding this particular discussion thread and sending me an e-mail about Quest of the Great Jewels. Let me go ahead and edit the title of this thread, while I am at it, from Quest for the Great Jewels to Quest of the Great Jewels, per Aloysius' correction, above.
I am looking forward whats going to happen. I do want to play the Quest for the Great Jewels, it would be a good thing if the current owner would sign up for this site eh!

Anyway, I am playing in Starweb game-1378 right now. Is the quest for the great jewels something like the pbm game Starweb?
Well, I like Starweb, the game is ancient but the gameplay is good as far as I know the game.
I like to see an improved Starweb. If it's called Quest then I am a new player for your game.
Will you also create a GUI for the game?

(03-27-2011, 03:34 PM)aloysius Wrote: Dad was an avid Starweb player, and Quest was inspired by Starweb, but there are quite a few differences.

Is your dad still around? How did he come up with the name of Zorph Enterprises?

I believe that this link leads to an image of the front cover of the original Quest of the Great Jewels rulebook, and the second image is probably a fee schedule contained within that rulebook, as well.

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