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A Nuclear Disagreement
I think that Rick McDowell dropped out, before it started.

Turn # 1 processes on July 8th.
I am trying to do my turn orders for this game, tonight.
Turn orders have been sent, with two days to spare!
Mine as well.

I'll C you Burn, Maximus! (ICBM)

(07-07-2014, 04:00 AM)ixnay Wrote: Mine as well.

I'll C you Burn, Maximus! (ICBM)


Your warmonging tomfoolery shall not prevail. The world will not succumb to such antics waged in such an incompetent manner.

I didn't even get assigned Russia, so now, it seems that the Soviet persona must fade and depart the stage.
I received confirmation by e-mail, today, that my orders for turn # 1 for this game of Nuclear Destruction has been received by the staff at Flying Buffalo, Inc..

Cower in fear, mongrel dog!
Turns came back!

Some cryptic messages broadcast to all, and a slew of one-on-one messages from various other players. It's such a generic game, with all positions starting exactly equally, and no real need to "explore" much, that I wish the turnaround were one week instead of two.

I adopted a certain tactic with regard to relations with the non-player minor countries. I spied on a few and saw some surprising investments made by other players. And I noticed that at least one player actually sold a factory, which was highly unexpected. They made good money, but money is only good for buying off minor countries. Actual production of missiles and ABMs comes from factories alone. This leads me to suspect that someone is going to declare war on turn 2 (the first turn in which it is allowed).

I had considered doing this myself, in fact, but all the players are equal. Who do you knock out first? What will that do for your relations with the others? Do "relations" even matter in an every-man-for-himself game? I remember launching an unprovoked turn 1 attack on an arbitrary target in Battle Plan many years ago, and found the results to be disappointing -- my target wasn't utterly destroyed, but crippled badly enough to most likely be out of the running for the win. So he threw everything he had at me in vengeance, which took ME down a few pegs, while the other players watched and grew their positions.

This game might be different -- Rick said early wars tend to lead to longer games. We shall see...
So who is winning?

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