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Quest (KJC Games)
Not that I’ve played Madhouses DungeonWorld much beyond 1 free adventurer position many years ago but the biggest difference I felt was that KJC's Quest is more geared towards the entire Party rather than the individual character. You start with just 6 people with the main aim being to fill the empty positions to the 15 maximum asap. They move, work and battle as a unit against what can be large forces of monsters like 50 Orcs/Goblins or 5 Dragons/Giants.

15 character slots give a lot of options with 4 Races, 4 general Classes and many sub-classes. This gives a lot of setup options though you really need some of each to play. Fighter heavy Groups are popular and effective these days so 8-10 Fighters, 2-3 Priests, 2-3 Mages and 1 Thief or Scout. Fighters split down further to many different sub-classes like heavily armoured Footmen or deadly Gladiators so there's plenty of choice. The other general Classes also have their own sub-classes but I’ll leave that for a future chat.
A concern often mentioned by new Players is about being attacked by older stronger Groups. Must say this is definitely a thing of the past when the various worlds were perhaps too full. The game has changed so much over the years.

New G20 Groups start with a No Attack status in place meaning they cannot attack or be attacked by other Players. As a 1-time and 1-way act this setting must be deliberately turned off so you can wait until feeling 100% ready or perhaps never do so.

The Anti-Annihilation (AA) routine has been added so if a battle with another Group or Monster would have been seriously 1-sided then you simply refuse to fight at all. A young Party will see this happen quite often as Quest has some seriously tough monsters. Nasty enough to give even ancient setups a bad day.

An Arena has been added for Party v Party battles. All damage and deaths are illusionary. It's a good fun place to test setups though.
Hello all, thought I'd pop in and put in a plug for KJC's Quest.  I'm dipping my toes back into PBM games again and having been having great fun with Quest and I'm still very much in the initial (and arguably less fun) stages of the game.  This is in no small part thanks to TVMike who has been a great help and very generous with his time and patience. 

I've also played DungeonWorld (and will likely play again).  As Mike pointed out, in DungeonWorld, you are controlling individual characters whereas in Quest you control a party.  You enter orders in both games in a similar manner.  I am not sure how Quest compares to DungeonWorld later in the game since I've only started with Quest recently. Quest does have a couple of nice things going for it when it comes to new players.  The game provides "catch-up" turns to new parties, which allows you to send and receive turns right away (i.e., without needing to wait for the regularly scheduled turns) for your party's first 20 turns.  This is a great for purchasing equipment, recruiting new party members, and doing some skill leveling quickly.  It takes away some of the pain associated with starting a PBEM game and having to wait for a long time before you're even ready to start doing fun stuff.  There's also the G20 world in Quest, which is fully automated (i.e., without GM moderation) and lets you send turns and get results within minutes.  That is great for newbies as you can do and learn a lot  quickly, and likely fun for existing players as well.  G20 still has quests and plenty to do.  The only difference, I believe, is the lack of GM-controlled events and interactions, which you have in the other game worlds.

On a final note, and although I know Quest is past its prime like many PBM/PBEM games unfortunately, it does seems very much alive and I've run into player controlled parties often.
(04-21-2014, 02:09 PM)TVMike Wrote: ‘Quest is a great fantasy adventure through a world of powerful gods, strange magic and dream cities, of mystical beasts guarding untold treasures. Take up your spellbooks and swords and begin your Quest.’

Just to make things clear I am not connected with KJC in any way but simply a player that enjoys this particular game of theirs.

I run friendly Alliances in Naralia (31), the Chaos Isles (33) and Quest Unlimited (20). Focusing on helping players get to grips with the Rules and the development of their Groups.

At its heart Quest is all about creating and developing an effective Fantasy Adventuring Party consisting of Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Halbloods. All available as Fighters, Priests, Mages and Thieves further split into various sub-classes. You begin with 6 characters capable of taking on a few weak Goblins working your long way to a full party of 15 able to defeat mighty Giants, Dragons and Godly Servants.

Feel i should also note for any people planning a return that Quest had a massive update in 2012 fixing bugs and adding many features players had requested over the years. So much has changed.

I like it best of the KJC games no one to bother you.

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