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General Discussion About The Game (TAKAMO)
Well, hello Takamo!!! The Dread Pirate Blackwill here....well..."former" Dread Pirate Blackwill, anyway. I am back in the game, and ready to rumble.

The High Harvest Church offers enlightenment and grace for your heathen POP on one of our beautiful Paradise Colonies! Doing the good work of The Prime, while enjoying the confidence only hard work can bring, is surely better than slaving away in some Glitch's copper mine any day!! Sign up now for these one-way excursions by listing your TW or HW coordinates here, and we will dispatch our state-of-the-art Volsair Luxury Liners to pick you up! This is an all-expenses-paid trip, so don't delay!

(It's good to be back....missed this game!!)
This discussion thread on Takamo started off pretty good, and then it died off, after the Takamo forum opened. Let's see if we can breathe a little life back into this thread.

Somebody give me an update on what's going on in the game, how many people are playing currently, who's winning and who's losing, etc.?

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