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Darth Pedro's Tools
I will share some files that I use to help me with game planning and design of S/C's. Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions about the content. there may be errors as I have been working on them from time to time for three years and the changes are a moving target.
This is an S/C designer SPREADSHEET tool which works well for me. I believe there is a video on YouTube describing the use of an older version.

There is an overall S/C Template from which 4 distinct templates are derived for OBC's, ESC's, OPC's and SHP's. Each type of S/C having unique capacities and/or limitations. Simply copy the Sheet needed and give the Tab a name. I have included one sample ship design.

WARNING: DO NOT edit a template before making a working copy in a new sheet as described above. This tool is really quite simple to use and powerful if you understand spreadsheets. There are several places to input parameters such as "Turns" for FUEL and FOOD consumption or "Volleys" for Missile fire, etc.

There are some Cluster War related videos on my You Tube channel if you care to watch them. They are getting old but the basic information is still relevant.

Attachment updated on 11/16/13.

Attached Files
.xls   CWT2 SC Design Tools Template.xls (Size: 289.5 KB / Downloads: 3)
I can change the forum attachment limit. Let me find the setting.
What is the file type?
Try it now, if it is a spreadsheet.
This is an Item Tech Analysis SPREADSHEET tool which has some of the same information but also is intended to have an analysis of each item in the game versus TL-1 through TL-200 (max TL).

I have updated the attachments reflecting corrections in the BEAMER related new information and some minor corrections to older information.

Attached Files
.xls   Item Tech Analysis CWT2.xls (Size: 2.25 MB / Downloads: 9)
Bump 8/27/13 by DP.
Attachment updated 11/16/13.
Thank you for the tool.

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