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suggestion box - CW edition
I'm not fond of this idea. While it would add more "realism", the game is already quite complex enough, and FUEL is already a major concern. No we're not constantly in brown-out mode, but later in the game it does become a challenge with maintaining an adequate resource supply. While it is acknowledged that different people get their enjoyment from different things, and most of us do enjoy a level of complexity in our gaming (or we wouldn't be here), the game is not created for us alone.

If we accept the premise that the goal is to eventually have this game reach commercial viability (ignoring the current decimation of the pay-to-play online market), then it has to remain playable enough to attract new players, and more players. As such, I would not add to the complexity at all, although I wouldn't decrease it much either. If I were to make any change of complexity, it would either be: to remove the whole CNGD / rebel / police / agent dynamic, as well as the private population stockpiles of FOOD and CNGD; or, it would be to provide a great deal more documentation covering the workings of this system in explicit detail. I managed to narrowly avoid both the FOOD and CNGD shortfalls, but it was not a pleasant game starting maneuver. I did not get food into my few scouts on turn 1, and so was delayed by some turns in getting them out, but I wasn't happy about it. I do have to say that it was effective in serving as an early game lesson / reminder in the importance of food management.
I'm working out the additions to the UCC and will make a couple of diagrams showing what we have now versus the new POWER GRID concept.
This is a tricky issue.

On the one hand, the moderators have trimmed EC/CW somewhat since the old days. No more gold or markets, simplified espionage rules, etc.

On the other hand, they've added power generators, beamers, new missile rules, labs, etc.

The game continues to be pretty complex, but now benefits from a power-assisted database client tool to make order-writing easier and less error-prone.

My own opinion is that complexity is not the problem with CW -- indeed it is as you suggest, one of the things that drew us in to the game in the first place. The problem is the interface is not refined enough. I should have buttons and sliders on a web page to set up my orders. I should have warnings displayed when my food production is all being siezed by hungry peasants. I should have an automated advisor telling me that 3 planets in my home system still haven't been surveyed. I should have a live display telling me how many of my professionals will be employed with a given order-set, and how many still idle.

Look at the interface for Civilization 4 (computer game) -- it handles deep complexity with elegant controls and expert advice to make an otherwise tedious game accessible to the masses.
(09-10-2013, 08:40 PM)Darth Pedro Wrote: Suggestion for POWER MANAGEMENT:

The above scenario would add some complexity but also provide some versatility to the game. I believe it would also add a dimension of realism.

It would indeed add complexity and realism. Might as well add nuclear power both fission and fusion. Also BAT should very inefficient until past TL - 10. Not necessarily against this, I just think you would have a whole new game if you add enough.
(07-08-2013, 03:03 PM)ixnay Wrote: SUGGESTION:

Move "Target S/C" box over next to "Source S/C" box (and move the main order-writing box to the right) to make it follow a clear direction when you need to write complex orders.

This has been done.
What about food spoilage? Have four categories for inventory similar to manufacturing quarters only in reverse. If not consumed it spoils. What to do with the rotten refuse? Fertilizer!
Shouldn't you be able to use AUT for CNW? I think so! Or make a special new class of widgets. AUT for MINs, LABs, FCTs and FRMs, MRBs for SLDs, why not something for CNWs????
The new Orders tab is awesome! It is great to have all the orders available without having to open the Order Writer. However, it only includes orders written this turn.

Can you add the standing orders that would apply to the current turn as well?
The improved orders tab with execution phase is fantastic! I am in the process of redesigning ships with new HE and LFS tech and it is nice to see what takes place when. What would be even better, but maybe hard to implement, would be a sort selection in the order writer, like the s/c sort in the imperial directory, which would sort ALL orders based on the order number or by execution phase.

Basically, I want to see if the orders I have crafted, as entered, will screw anything up in my plans when the turn is run. While I am sure this is not an easy thing to do, IT WOULD ENHANCE THE EXPERIENCE GREATLY for me at least.

Nothing makes me want to drop this game more than when I realize I have yet again made a crapload of mistakes mainly due to miscalculating TPT capacity, or LFS capacity, or that I won't have any food on a ship, or crap like that. Or turn sequencing. There should be an EASIER way to re-do orders that are in a bad sequence than deleting the out of ordered set of say, ASSEMBLE orders and re-entering them all in the order so you can prioritize what gets done first without having to re-enter a bunch of orders.

Theres should at least be a WARNINGS TAB in the interface showing you all of your failed orders (and reason code), places where you lost a lot of POP, ships with no/low FUEL (or LFS, or food, etc). Where rebel activity has increased. All of this should be in ONE TAB, maybe color coded in RED or yellow depending on the severity of the problem area.

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