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Cluster Wars (formerly Empyrean Challenge)
Do not despair! It is a learning game - for me after all. If I had been more comfortable with the game back on turn 2 when I took this position over (or was it 3?), I would have done far more, far sooner.

Well, my goal is to do as best I can, even if it means being a bit player, or an annoying gnat. We'll see!
The same thing with too few construction workers happened to me a few turns ago. But it was with mines instead of labs. I was upgrading to a new mine level and disassembled all of my mines and then ran out of constructors before I could assemble the new ones, with the result of massive met/non shortfall.

And I also once somehow failed to get crew on to a new ship and I ended with massive amounts of hardware (it was a big ship) which went "alien" because there was no crew on it. Vern says that if the ship is docked you can simply add population to it and you should gain control again.

It is important to get some ships out early in the game and meet other players that you can trade tech with.

Good Luck!
Is this game still active?

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