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Origins Awards
Is anyone on this forum interested in helping determine which pbm/pbem game is nominated for an Origins Award next year? If so, contact me, Rick Loomis.
Ah, pooh!! I thought that I had unclicked your screen name from the list of screen names that I had mass-selected for deletion, namely, all of those recent spambot accounts.

My apologies, Rick! Just re-register using the same screen name, if you like.
I'll help if I can. What do I need to do?

I was active long ago (one game of star web did it.) Then Tribes of Crane, BSE, Midgard, and so on. Only in one game now.

Glenn Harrold
Hi Rick,

I was big as a player in a bunch of games in the 80's and early 90's; BSE, Renaissance, Hyborian Wars, Starweb (for a time), and many others, and worked as a game master for KSK Concepts, who took over Starmaster from Schubel & Sons, for some time. Also ran my own game (Sail the Solar Winds). I'd be honored to help a luminary such as yourself in the task.

Joe Bloch
Glenn and Joe, thank you for responding. Email me at rick at and we'll discuss it. Anyone else interested in participating in the annual Origins Award for best pbm, either as a jury member, or to get your game possibly nominated, email me with the subject line "PBM Award".
Rick Loomis

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