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About to submit some PBM turns (Oh, and a picture of my group in Xott)
Here they are, adventuring since 1985...

About to submit their latest turn, as events unfold to change their lives...

And a startup turn for Hyborian War (good ol' Uttara Kuru)

One for Company Commander (Jason Oates is still alive and kicking)

And a set-up request for Crack of Doom 2
Does anyone remember a game called Heropress? It was a narrative style hand moderated superhero RPG. You had several GMs running several different settings. I had two going, a native American female physics professor and former astronaut who had powers that could be used to manipulate space-time. Also had a black American technology mogul and Iron Man type super who was stuck in a near future South Africa still stuck in it's Apartheid ways.

They also started a horror game in which I played a British tabloid journalist.

Good times.
Hi Tstone,
is Crack of Doom still run? I thought the company was not running any games anymore??

Yep it is, just heard from them. They are running just Crack of Doom 2 nowadays, 20 bucks gets you the setup package.
Got a new Xott turn, and now I'm back in the game after an absence of a couple of years. Antony Dunks, the GM, has noted the decline of PBM, yet gives a note of optimism about one of the things PBM, especially human mod/mixed mod PBM that online computer games can't offer, that human, personal touch.

Instant gratification isn't everything. And sooner or later, most people eventually figure that out, especially when they take note of the alternatives.

So...doing a Xott turn this weekend, along with one for Company Commander and a setup for Crack of Doom 2...
Hey Walter and everyone else interested/curious, just submitted my setup for Crack of Doom 2. Meet Harriman Longbone, ex information broker and proprietor of Comfort Consultants, a halfling specialist in luxuries, ease and pleasures...

...rumors that he is a former secret agent, scandalous lies.

But he is a Halfling and proud of it.
Got my new Xott turn, looks like the BBBs are getting ready to return home, and about time, too.

Company Commander, just building up...taking a look around...
How are your turns going tstone?
Still alive in company commander and Crack of Doom II?
Turns going great! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. My two games of Hyborean War, I'm having a great time. One, probably won't win, the other is exciting and full tilt, with war right at the start of the game.

Duelmasters, slowly figuring out both teams and about to start a third.

Crack of Doom, still going, just starting to figure it out.

Waiting for the new game of Company Commander to start.
(02-27-2012, 10:39 AM)tstone Wrote: Here they are, adventuring since 1985...

About to submit their latest turn, as events unfold to change their lives...

Looks like the Xott wiki is down. Have you been playing, recently?

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