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Beast decries the death of play by mail
Over on The Road of Kings, site user Beast has posted a thread titled, "… the death of PBM/PBEM …"

In order to read the posting that he made, you will probably need to register on that site. Just tell them that GrimFinger sent you.
lol, I am famous

I like the site, hope it helps PBMs and PBEMs

Welcome to the site, Beast! It's good to have you aboard.

We look forward to your regular participation and visits.
Searching around I found this website, you may already have it, if not hope it helps.

I had the same general conclusion that the links are dead, dying, or near impossible to join.

Trouble is a lot of games do not have a full time webmaster to keep track of things like links etc so they get changed and no bothers yo update or manage the site...

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