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Destiny - The Final Crusade PBEM
Hi Folks,

Destiny - The Final Crusade PBEM is now accepting playtesters. You can either send me a private message here, or visit the Yahoo Group I created and request a membership:

Here's a rough description of the game:

A new play-by-email game in a fantasy setting, with the emphasis on roleplaying. Each player will control a single character in the game, striving to fulfill whatever goals them have set themselves. There are no deadlines, meaning you can participate in the game at your own pace, and no hefty rulebooks to wade through. The player will have a set number of points to allocate to a variety of attributes and skills, which will not only determine their strengths and weaknesses, but also make each character unique.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to seeing you in the game. =D

I'm in!
Yeah, I'll bite. Sign me up too.

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