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The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Join the London en Garde! Yahoo Group
I decided, this morning, that I would try to join the Yahoo group for London en Garde! Oh, what a simple undertaking.

Wrong! The problem, of course, lies with Yahoo, and not with that particular group on Yahoo. Being on a slow dial-up account to access the Internet with only exacerbates the problem.

Yahoo likes to create a primary e-mail address for people who sign up for their discussion groups, and they like for it to be a Yahoo e-mail address. Except, I have no intention of using the new e-mail address in question.

I go into the account settings to change it, and Yahoo further complicates things by requiring that I verify my alternate e-mail address that I listed, when I signed up, before I can make the change to use my alternate e-mail address as the contact address. Clicking the Verify Now button does nothing.

Of course. Much time wasted trying to sort through Yahoo's self-inflicted headache. I only wanted to check that discussion group out. They have it set up to not display messages in that group to non-members of the group. That's not a Yahoo issue. That's a group issue.

And people wonder why more people don't play their favored game of choice.
Grim, the problem we have with that Yahoo group at the moment is that the Original founder and the other admin have left and we cannot control the group as we wish. I have started an alternative group which I am hoping to get every one to join and thus we have control over the group once more.
This is the one I have just set up and am slowly trying to get people to move across to it.
Its a shame grim because the group is really active with lots of postings in role enhancing the game...

The website is here for more info. It was hacked so I had to rebuild it from scratch like you did for yours.
I had already added your site to the PBM Hivemind list, and the Yahoo group in question, as well, Toppers.

I did see that the Yahoo group is an active one - very active, in fact. That's why I wanted to check it out.
yes I know I have tried contacting the owner and admin neithr has replied which is sooooo frustrating, hence the need to open a new group which we control....

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