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Ideas for increasing the popularity of PBM
I agree with Grainpaw about not getting hung up on semantics, if you are not sure whether what you have to send to Grimfinger is suitable for his new zine just send it anyway, and you will find out if it is published or not! You never know he may even include an editorial saying he has enough articles for the next two issues.
Gainpaw, thank you for the reply. The reason I ask is not that I enjoy playing with words, I was trying to figure out where you guys stand. I know someone who is ONLY interested for PBM, and as strange as it may sound he does not even own a computer. If he asked me that question, it would be clear he means postal gaming alone + phone calls + pub meets. From what you write, I understand there is no such bias which is great as far as I am concerned.

Greybeard, thank you for the comment, unfortunately it is not always easy to spend a few hours writing something that might be irrelevant and end up in the trash bin Confused In any case I already send my submission for this issue and the deadline is today, but I will keep this in mind for next issues, I am sure there will be many.

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