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Get to Know Alamaze
Here you may get to know Alamaze - the Origins and GAMA Play By Mail Game of the Year.
We started about 1985, and are about as big as ever here in 2014, with over 85 games started in the last 18 months, so about 1 a week on average.  We also are presently at about $2 a turn for most players.  (

We are constantly updating kingdoms and code to keep things fresh.  We maintain records in Valhalla.  We have a really good order checking  utility in our web order entry system.  We run turns roughly 2x a week - actually 7x a month.   Turns are due noon Eastern USA and generally are processed within a few hours.
We currently have 19 games of Alamaze running, in six different formats.  Our web order entry and order checking is working beautifully.  Turns process within a few hours of their due day and time.  Supported by more than 15,000 posts on the forum (, email, and the website at  We've started about 90 games since coming back in April 2013.

New developments happening all the time. Give us a look, or come back to Alamaze!

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