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Cruenti Dei Update
Hi Folks,

I just thought I'd post a quick update on Cruenti Dei. Turn 18 just came out last friday. The public results write-up for the continent of Oratoa was 26 pages and the public results for the continent of Sahul was 35 pages.

The two continents seem on the verge of a world war and a third continent has just been discovered.

There are 2 open positions in Oratoa, both currently involved in a large war, but are so far doing pretty well. (Hopefully this will change next turn as I am against them) There are 4 open positions in Sahul that are fairly small, but at least 2 of them have interesting roleplaying possibilities. And there are probably positions on the third continent that are opening up, but there is a shroud of secrecy surrounding it and it's positions that you'd need to contact the game master in order to learn more about for certain.

This would be a decent time to sign up so I thought I'd mention it.

Oh, but the next turn is due in about a month and it often takes a couple of weeks to get the books once ordered, so the window is pretty small.


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