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Ilkor: Dark Rising ( needs Brave Playtesters
Lord Vega needs brave souls to join Ilkor: Dark Rising and become playtester adventurers.

Ilkor: Dark Rising is our brand new online turn-based RPG.

We are still busy developing the game but we are making great progress.

Do yourself a favour and pop over to the website ( and sign-up now before the doors close.

The game is totally free to play and will be unlike any text-based browser game out on the market today.

Our development blog is a great place to get the latest game news, or you can join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, email Lord Vega or post your comments and questions to this forum.

Come on! Get involved.

[Image: gad_games_logo_small.gif]
Sean Cleworth
Mobile: (+27) 082 377 4344

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