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Lord Vega Welcomes YOU
[Image: 1.0]

Welcome Adventurer!

Grimfinger has kindly setup this sub-forum here at so that myself and other fellow Adventurers can talk and discuss the amazing world of Arcadia, which is the game setting for the new online RPG game called Ilkor: Dark Rising.

My name is Lord Vega and I am a 10th Level Human Fighter. I've been appointed the position of Master Guide of Arcadia.

I have spent my entire life travelling the lands of Arcadia and only recently have I 'officially' retired from adventuring. I've settled down in the region of Caledon.

I've plenty of time on my hands now, so I am only too willing to help you, give advise and answer any of your questions.

Ilkor: Dark Rising is still being developed but we're seeking brave adventurers like yourself to signup for a playtest position.

It is free to play, so you really have nothing to lose. Why don't you take a trip across to and check out the features and while you are about it signup.

If you have anything you'd like to discuss then either drop me a message or better still share it with everyone by posting it here on this forum.

Stay Safe,

Lord Vega.
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Sean Cleworth
Mobile: (+27) 082 377 4344

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