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Fate of a Nation: Decrease in turn fees
With the New Year we have done an overview of the turn fees for Fate of a Nation. One thing that we have noticed is that the turn fee curve as a nation expands rises too steeply towards the maximum turn fee possible. Our original intention was for it to rise slower, allowing a nation to develop for a longer period before the maximum was reached.

This inconvenience made us decide on decreasing the cost for all settlement types excl. the Capital. A change that will make the fee for different settlements better correspond to their actual research and tax income for a nation.

The new turn fee plan for Fate of a Nation is:
  • Setup/playing City State – Free
  • Setup of new nation – €10
  • Capital – €2.25
  • City – €0.5
  • Town – €0.25
  • Village – Free
  • Trade company – €1
The maximum turn fee is also lowered from €6 to €5. The basic turn fee for a nation is unchanged (€2.5).

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