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Discontinuation of e-mail notification of PBM News Blurbs
Up until yesterday, I had been using the forum software's mail feature to notify all registered site users by e-mail, whenever I posted a new PBM News Blurb. One site user has asked to be removed from my e-mail list, and I can only assume that the PBM News Blurb notification is what he was referring to.

I may try to come up with something different, or just not notify anyone, when a new PBM News Blurb is posted. As a general rule of thumb, I have no interest in creating any e-mail headaches for site users.
No discussion has ensued, following the posting of the above announcement. I was fiddling around with the admin control panel, today, and was wondering what site users' thoughts were on me setting up a new user group, and just doing the former type of PBM News Blurb e-mail notifications, when a new PBM News Blurb is posted.

I guess that what I am looking for here is a happy medium, of sorts.

Was it better, when I e-mailed the notifications with each new posting of a PBM News Blurb? Or would it be better, if sent via on-site PM? or is any notification of any kind really necessary, at all?

Just curious on what the PBM Hivemind's thoughts on the subject were.
I have no opinion. I really like the news blurbs, but I would read them whether you emailed them or just posted them here.

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