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SNIFL Openings
Here's a thumbnail on several of the SNIFL teams with open manager positions

Division 4
Big Belly United
BBU has a solid starting eleven and healthy cash balance to purchase additional talent. The Bellies are being run by a caretaker who is doing a fine job of managing stamina and development of the roster. They currently sit fourth in the table a third of the way through the season and could possibly end up in promotion playoffs. Biggest Challenge: Replacing a stellar goalkeeper who is eligible for retirement at the end of the season.

Division 3
Southend Town
SOU has been a bit neglected before a caretaker took over this season. The club will need a lot of wheeling and dealing to replace an aging roster. The caretaker is working to aggressively bring in new talent and there is plenty of cash to make new deals. Southend currently has 3 under 19 players racking up minutes and experience in the Reserve Leauge. Biggest challenge: Staying out of the relegation zone until the new talent arrives.

Austrailian Grecians
The Grecians are just a few pieces away from being a real Div 3 contender. There's some weakness at keeper, but the defenders and mids are solid. The bank balance is very healthy, so picking up transfers and draft choices are possible.

More next week!
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