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The Godfather
Count me in then!
I never played the game, but always wanted to give the game a trye.
me too
me three
I played the game. In fact, I wrote the U.S. rulebook for John, and at one point ran a couple of games for American players. So... me four!
So, no pressure then, eh Bob!
Nah, no pressure, pal, as long as the booze comes when it's supposed to, and don't even think about tossing one of them pineapples my way.

Just practicing my Godfather diplomacy...
Here's a little something to keep you up to date. The game will be web-based.

The first image is the main control panel, on which you are presented with a graphic overview of the city. Tooltips will provide detailed info on each block, or you can click on a block to bring up a very detailed 3 by 3 ward view. In this view, you are Capone.


The second image shows the rackets that you know about. The third image shows the expanded description when you click on a racket - in this case "Numbers".



All order entry will be via drop-down lists and edit boxes. It will be virtually impossible to submit invalid orders.

Some of the proposed rules changes/updates:
  • Enforcers have a minimum number of hoods in their section.
  • Bagmen do not automatically take over rival blocks: you have to "convince" the current bagman to leave.
  • New items for purchase, including v expensive cars, a few extra weapons, a delux hotel...
  • Reinforcing premises is more robust.
  • Payoffs are a percentage of the take.
  • Stores have a location and can be raided or destroyed.
  • Pineapples are less effective. Choppers require an experienced enforcer (they were more difficult to handle than the movies let on!).
  • Enforcers can be targeted for a "hit". Very difficult, very risky, but a great payoff if you succeed.
  • Enforcers who are unhappy and/or underpaid can be persuaded to jump ship.
Is it possible to join yesterday?

So! Whats the state of the game right now? Ready to start?
Looking forward to it.
(08-26-2012, 11:57 AM)walter Wrote: So! Whats the state of the game right now? Ready to start?
Looking forward to it.

There's still a lot more to do, but I appreciate your enthusiasm.

I hope to put up some new screenshots in the next couple of weeks.

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