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Customer Service and Pbm
Whats normal within pbm standards?????

I have asked a polite question one week ago to a moderator active on this message board. I have send the question to his email adress.
No reply at all. I can see him answer questions at his own website.
The problem in pbm is in my honest opinion the lack of time answering a normal question to new customers. Angry
It's entirely possible that your question was sent to a spam-trap email. I've got one (though I didn't use it to register here) and will routinely use it for sites that require an email to complete registration but which may use my addy in ways I am uncomfortable with.

If he answers questions on his website, can you not ask the question there? Or, if he is active here, go the private message route, complete with message-read notification.
So far I have send him two emails from seperated email adresses. And send him an email from this website.
I can imagine one email adress going to a SPAM folder, but two??
Again, I am not a ICT specialist, but two emails going a SPAM folder??


Problem solved. I contacted the GM by private email send from this adress. I still say you can loose a lot of custumers this way..

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