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Medieval Inspirations have successfully re-launched Midgard and are now in a position to accept start ups.

Midgard is a mixed moderated open ended Play By eMail (PBeM) game set against a rich medieval backdrop boasting strong story lines, colour maps and over 700 cities allowing plenty of opportunity for player interaction.
The game allows many different styles of play, from power gamers to role players, and although most prefer the former, it does boast a fair number of the latter. Players advance through a series of levels of increasing power by completing any number of a variety of tasks offered by any of the 11 different factions or 5 different religions. Players start the game with a position known as a clan, and may have a maximum of three of these. Clans may then form up to three Expeditionary Forces and lead a city.

Each faction and religion also has senior positions which are run by players. Such positions have a main influence on the game being responsible for completing and upholding their faction’s or religion’s goals as well as their diplomatic stance. To complete these obligations they may also offer tasks to players.

Midgard offers many challenges for the individual, and there are no real winners or losers. Characters can find themselves basking in glory one minute, only to find themselves being cut down and slain the next. The ultimate for power gamers is to reach the factional or religious number one. However, even this exalted position is not permanent, and must be handed over at some stage to a new incumbent.

So if you want to be a warlord, a fervent cleric, a mercenary or maybe an assassin or perhaps a trader or even run a black market, get in touch with Ali or Andy at either; or

Start up plus 2 turns are free.

For information on pricing for further turns, please consult the group's file section.

Another blast from the past! Great to see it come back.

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