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Announcing Game Improvements
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Breaking news for those interested in or playing Galac-Tac! There are a few game improvements coming up which will be implemented in all future galaxies of Galac-Tac. (Existing galaxies in play will NOT change their current rules!) These changes are solely in the area of resolving ship-to-ship combat and are being applied in order to make the Drone and T-Type weapon systems more valuable, which should enhance overall game balance. Full details are available on-line in the Galac-Tac Rulebook (pp14-15,22-24), but to summarize these changes here...

T-Type Missiles (beyond Tech Level 1) and Drones will now do more damage than before and will hit their targets a little more often. However, the most useful change for these weapon systems is that they will no longer choose their targets based on the same criteria as ship-based P-Type weapons, which prefer to fire at ships of about their own size. Instead, T-Types will target the largest (and presumably slowest) enemy ships first, regardless of the size of the ship launching them, using their greater power and speed to inflict as much damage as possible for their expense. In addition, because T-Types consume costly expendable ammunition, they will now not fire at all on small, fast, hard-to-hit targets (such as fighters) to save on unnecessary construction and resupply needs.  Drones will target the smallest (and presumably fastest) ships (and other in-flight weaponry) first, using their extreme speed to its best advantage to damage otherwise difficult-to-hit targets. This makes better combat use of both specialty weapon types, so they can be more productively included in ship designs. Mixing weapon types in a large warfleet will result in even better combat advantages than before.

These changes should allow more effective fleets to be assembled for specific combat situations, and thus make combats more successful by intelligently opposing strengths and vulnerabilities. Solo (practice) games, as always, may be used at your leisure to try out new ship and fleet design strategies to see which works out best for you with the new combat updates and to plan your new military strategies.

New galaxies are already filling, awaiting the specified minimum number of players to start. Galaxy #113 is a standard-sized Galac-Tac galaxy on a two-week turn schedule. Galaxy #129 has been recently opened and is expected to be a smaller-than-usual galaxy running on a slower, three-week turn schedule. Please feel free to sign up for either (or both) of these galaxies so we can get them started soon.

Sign up at today to take advantage of the enhanced weaponry!

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