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Spam reporting?
Why can't I get the "report spam" button to do anything on my system? Is anyone else having this problem?

Someone calling themselves "annesmith" has just posted a bunch of garbage on the Galac-Tac group and I'd like to be able to report it to the admins so they can remove it and block them.
Not sure. Could be a glitch left over from before.

Looks like Raven has already taken care of the annesmith problem.
Grim, I've never seen it do anything, and surely MyBB wouldn't leave something broken forever. Oh, well.

Raven, thanks for the attention.
I didn't say that it was a MyBB problem. Rather, I was referring to when, a while back, I messed something up, and Raven tried to fix it.

Not sure what all that I broke.

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