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Going Adventuring!
I saw the game mentioned in Raven's list of postal-friendly games, and decided to check it out (but only email for me, thanks). 

I downloaded the rulebook and was very enthused by it. Very different to anything I'd played before in PBM. I created a free position of a male monk, and a commercial position with a female priest and female rogue. Upon creation, the player is told to wait for the first results when turns are processed, and meanwhile, to consider joining the yahoo email group. Yahoo is dead, with being the main replacement. But after searching, although I found a few DungeonWorld subgroups (mostly for guilds) in, there was no main DW group. Hmm. Where does the newbie go to learn more?

I searched the web, and then (yuk) facebook, and found a private DungeonWorld FB group. I asked to join but it was more than 24h later and a couple of nudges to the admins before I was let in. In my view, this isn't ideal - a newly signed up player is enthusiastic and wants to continue that enthusiasm, but the website didn't make it easy to do so! Once in, it is apparent that the FB group is the main place folks hang. Many role-played communications happen there, and the GM is also active on there. I summarised my experience as a new player to the FB group in the hope that it will be easier for the next enthusiastic newbie.

The first turn arrived on processing day, and I began to make sense of the game: the locations my characters were in, the turn format, the online order entry tool, and I did another read of the manual to try and get a more complete understanding. 

Orders were sent, the characters will hopefully go and explore their immediate environs, and ensure they are tooled up for their initial dungeon adventuring!

After the turns were submitted, I added another two characters to add more dimensions to the group: a male enchanter and a female centaur. Time to think about joining some guilds and participating in the hopefully rich roleplay aspects of the game.
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