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Saying Hello
Hi, my name is Victoria and I am a Masters Graduate conducting research, one of my projects is co-authoring a book on games played over various distance related media and the game theory and techniques used. As such I am delving into the world of "play by mail" games and hoping to find others who can supply me with scans of rules, contacts with those who created these games for questions and potentially interviews, reviews of games still being played, and hoping to see where this rabbit hole leads.... maybe wonderland and I am in search of the caterpillar.
Welcome and good luck!
Nobody ever catches Nuth.
Unseen Servant PbP gaming
Welcome, Victoria! You're welcome to any information I can supply about Galac-Tac, a game I helped write in 1982. Visit my site at <> to pick up rulebooks, articles about play, and other similar information as well.
BTW, did you happen to read the Wired article regarding PBM recently published at ?

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