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Questions about the game Far Horizons
Q. With regard to increasing the size of the shipyard, does it have to be paid for all in one turn? Or can it be paid for in installments, as with the production of other things in the game?
no. the manual command summary p90 shows that BUILD can take a 'spend now' option but SHIPYARD cannot.
Here is a screen shot of the current Far Horizons rule book that I have downloaded to my desktop PC.

On the left hand side, where each section of the rule book is listed, wouldn't it be more intuitive if, instead of it listing PRODUCTION CAPACITY, for example, that it instead listed it on the left side as 4.2 PRODUCTION CAPACITY?

That way, when players are communicating about a particular rule, if they refer to a rule by Section Number, it would be quicker and easier for the player in need of knowing where a particular thing in the rule book is to actually find it in the quickest and easiest way.

[Image: Rulebook-Screenshot.jpg]
I have an updated PDF with the section numbers. I'll upload it to Raven's group.

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